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Alternate Coat of Arms of the Philippines by JJDXB Alternate Coat of Arms of the Philippines by JJDXB
The coat of arms from the new series of flags.


> The nine rayed Sun, representing the 9 major ethnic groups:


> Four five-point stars, representing the four republican ideals: Liberty, Justice, Peace, Equality

> A sealion, the traditional emblem of Manila

> The medal, representing the Órden del Sol, the only chivalric (or rather, pseudo-) in the land

> Two crossed palm branches, for the country's flora and for prosperity

> An inscribed scroll with the name of the country: (La) República Filipina

and a shortened version of the national motto : En el este, que florece y triunfa (In the East, she flourishes and triumphs. At least, according to Google)
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SoaringAven Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
J-Ronn Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Although it has a elegant design, it breaks the rule of tincture. Metal on metal.
Leoninia Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014
The motto means "In the East, that flourishes and triumphs".
Fenn-O-maniC Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd maybe change the white part to red but otherwise really good idea!
ramones1986 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I saw this coat of arms on Facebook, and there's a discussion about it.
My opinion is the design is very nice,
By the way, if all the ethnic groups in the Philippines are included, how about the Ibanags, the Cordillera people, Zambals...
JJDXB Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012
It's on facebook??

Regarding the ethnic groups, not all are represented, only 9 major ones are.
cjbaynas Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012
We'll talk about it with you there in the FB group "Philippine Patriotic Federalist Association" :)
JJDXB Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012
Sorry, I try to avoid being political on FB :(. That and I'm not a Philippine citizen.

If you don't mind me asking, what kind of discussion is going on (particularly in regards to my work on deviantArt)?
cjbaynas Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012
well, it's all about your coat of arms that has also great chances to be adopted by the Philippines... well, these are the comments/full discussion:

Orion Pérez D. This is a really nice one.
Thursday at 21:02 · Like

Louis Gerard Del Rosario It's good! Although I think it's more fit for a province/region
Thursday at 21:03 · Edited · Unlike · 1

Trajano Dagala Cabrales En el este, que florece y triunfa (In the east, she fourishes and truimphs)

The source from here:
Thursday at 21:03 · Like · Remove Preview

Trajano Dagala Cabrales I dont own this.....
Thursday at 21:03 · Unlike · 1

Orion Pérez D. I think we still need to fit in the red in there, like in the flag...
Thursday at 21:03 · Unlike · 1

Trajano Dagala Cabrales Yeah, I noticed. Only the medal collar has the red color.
Thursday at 21:04 · Unlike · 1

Trajano Dagala Cabrales maybe the color of the merlion's background should be red. at least the heraldic colors reflects to the vexillological colors of the philippines
Thursday at 21:06 · Unlike · 1

Ronan Paul Bulahan D'ayot so feminine!;-)
no puede como masculino?
Thursday at 21:06 · Like

Trajano Dagala Cabrales women are sometimes used to personify nations
Thursday at 21:08 · Unlike · 1

Ronan Paul Bulahan D'ayot > The nine rayed Sun, representing the 9 major ethnic groups:


and i don't like the concept....
it sucks!
our Ethnic Group "Zamboangueño" is not included....

it must represent all the Ethnic Groups in Filipinas.
Thursday at 21:09 · Unlike · 1

Trajano Dagala Cabrales anyways....

maybe split the azure (blue) into two and make the half portion red
Thursday at 21:09 · Like

Trajano Dagala Cabrales Ronan - maybe approach the author....? We just have the same feeling.
Thursday at 21:10 · Like

Ronan Paul Bulahan D'ayot that's why i ahve a BIG ""NO"" for this Coat of Arm.


i am a Filipino!

Soy Orgulloso de Ser Filipino!
Soy Orgulloso de Ser Zamboangueño!!!!

ZAmboangueño es mi idioma Natal!
Nacido en la Ciudad de Zamboanga!!!

Viva España..jejejekidding!!!

Thursday at 21:12 · Like

Trajano Dagala Cabrales -Tagalog
-Chavacano or Chabacano (Caviteños, Zambuangeños, Davaoeños)

-Chinese replaced by Chavacano. They (the Chinese) are not legally recognized as an ethnic group (we base the ethnic classification of the Filipinos based on their geographical setting and language background)

-Waray-waray is the name of the language spoken by the WARAYS, an ethno-linguistic Filipino group native to Samar and northern part of Leyte.

Ronan - ¡Viva la Federación Filipina!
Thursday at 21:18 · Like

Kristian Ligsay Jensen Like it! Heraldically correct and simple. I would however recommend keeping the sun with eight rays because of its historic significance, reduce the number of stars to three because three stars would represent all ethnic groups in a more neutral way without resorting to making a heraldic mess of things, and split the bottom half into red and blue palewise.
Thursday at 21:19 via mobile · Unlike · 2

Ronan Paul Bulahan D'ayot even our ethnic group is included, i don't want be baised with other ethnic group.

we still have the Subanon, Manobo, Maranao..

bdw, moro is not an ethnic group.
maranao, maguindanao and Tausug are an ethnic group of their own.
including the muslim ethnic group like Yakan, Sama, Badjao, Sama-Lauan, Sama-badjao, Sama-baguigui, T'boli, Tiruray, Agta, Ifugao, Aeta, ZAmbal, Panganese,
Thursday at 21:21 · Like

Orion Pérez D. How about sticking with pretty much the same coat of arms we have and then use two Sea Lions - on both sides as supporters?
Thursday at 21:21 · Unlike · 2

Ronan Paul Bulahan D'ayot just change the concept regarding the sunrays...
Thursday at 21:21 · Like

Charles Baynas Well... this is much more better to become a coat of arms of only F.A.D. (Federal Administrative District, Manila) than to be the coat of arms of the entire Philippines... as Kristian said, the current coat of arms are just perfectly and best but about 9 major ethnic races? please... MINORITY PROTECTION please!?... but the 22 stared current coat of arms are much more better because it represents the 22 ethnic states not 22 ethnic races but those ethnic races who are also members of all 22 states.
Thursday at 21:25 · Like

Charles Baynas Orion Pérez D., well i was thinking if those non-manilenos filipinos would rather like to add the sealion to our coat of arms because we already have one in the proposal flag as the honor.
Thursday at 21:28 · Edited · Like

Trajano Dagala Cabrales ¡Nah!

My Adobe Photoshop CS3 freaked up!
I call the attention of our fellow federalist, Charles, to make a redesign of the arms based on our previous proposals. My apologies if I can't address the suggestions of our fellow federalists. Thanks in advance.
Thursday at 21:27 · Unlike · 1

Trajano Dagala Cabrales Charles: based but not too heavily.
Thursday at 21:29 · Unlike · 1

Kristian Ligsay Jensen Charles, 22 stars for 22 states may all be well and good, but it will never represent all ethnic groups because there are way more than just 22 ethnicities. I recommend sticking with just 3 because in such a simple way you represent all ethnic groups by representing the 3 major geographical regions of the Philippines.
Thursday at 21:30 via mobile · Like · 1

Charles Baynas and about the shield design... better if we retain the current shield... Trajano, this proposal: [link] is based on the current ones but the 22 yellow-orange stars and yellow orange sun as brother Kristian Ligsay Jensen said
Thursday at 21:31 · Like

Charles Baynas 22 stars are not for 22 ethnicities as i said but for 22 states that has all ethnic race-members.
Thursday at 21:33 · Like

Charles Baynas the 22 states proposal of some researchers on the gov. was really by ethnicity that is why it was called the 22 ethnic states...
Thursday at 21:35 · Like

Charles Baynas Philippine culture is diverse, with over 80 ethnolinguistic groups native to the country. The federal Philippine nation would ideally consist of 22 ethnic states, each free in fostering its own culture and languages. In this way, the Philippines will preserve and sustain its rich cultural diversity.

While home to a multiplicity of ethnic groups, ironically the Philippines does not currently maintain a record of its peoples' ethnicity, putting everyone under the broad umbrella of 'Filipino citizenship'. Nor does the Philippine government support its indigenous languages, imposing Tagalog as medium of instruction in public schools instead of the student's mother tongue. And while the the Constitution prescribes freedom of religion, without discrimination or preference, the government pours support into churches and sometimes mosques in the form of generous donations and partiality in legislative debates. As a result, indigenous cultures are dying, languages are dying, native religions are dying.

A federal Philippines gives autonomy to its ethnic states, enabling the latter to designate their own official languages, thereby protecting the native languages from deep deterioration and consequent extinction.

Being ethnic in nature, the different federal states would also nourish their own cultures — their clothing and fashion, literature, performing arts, architecture — as it is their cultural identity that distinguishes them from the other states.

While freedom of religion would still hold even inside ethnic states, discouraging their own leaders from favoring one religion over the other, the indigenous religions present in these states are protected from the mainstream religion prevalent in others. There is at the same time a favorable environment for the indigenous religion to subsist, as religion is a fundamental part of the people's culture, which becomes the distinguishing identity of the state from the rest of the Philippines, for which the religion would be nourished.

Unity in diversity, this is the cultural assumption by which Philippine federalism works. We are different tribes choosing to be one nation. And the more freedom we get in nurturing our own subcultures, the more united we will be.
Thursday at 21:36 · Like

Charles Baynas For the tree of Philippine ethnolinguistic groups that served as the basis of a 22-state federation, see [link]
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Thursday at 21:38 · Like

Kristian Ligsay Jensen I know, Charles Baynas: 22 stars for 22 states. As in, political states that would undoubtedly have a dominant ethnic group in each, and so the less dominant ethnicities would not feel they were represented among the 22 stars. Which is why I prefer just to stick with 3 stars - more simple and it represents all by represent the philippines geographically rather than by states.

Let's keep things clear, although I have helped you in your designs to make them more heraldically correct, I still maintain that we keep the current arms.
Thursday at 21:39 · Unlike · 3

Charles Baynas Ronan Paul Bulahan D'ayot, in 22 states, Zamboanga state was one of it.
Thursday at 21:39 · Like

Ronan Paul Bulahan D'ayot i know, though im still not contented....
we need two out of the present Zambanga Peninsula...

1. State for the Subanon (they are still subanon until now)
2. State for the Lutao People (we, the present Zamboangueño)


Estado de Jambangan and Estado de Latina Zamboanga
Thursday at 21:42 · Like

Charles Baynas those heterogeneous states (like mait) has different type of local gov. like a gubernatorial-parliamentary system, applicable in federal states with substates: for example, the State of Tagalog elects a governor by statewide popular vote, but its province, Marinduque(which is a home of a different ethnic race), elects their own chief minister at the same time,.
Thursday at 21:46 · Edited · Like

Charles Baynas Well, there are some cebuanos monopolizing the visayan calling that might trigger for other visayans to think that they were not visayans as those cebuanos said. So, i don't think that in the island group of visayas has a dominant race also.
Thursday at 21:49 · Like

Ronan Paul Bulahan D'ayot the State of Visayas for the Cebuano should also change to State of Sugbuanon for the Cebuano/Sugbuanon/Bisaya People....

bdw, which state does the Ilonggo/Kinaray-a Speaking people fall?
Thursday at 21:51 · Unlike · 1

Charles Baynas [link]
Thursday at 21:55 · Like · Remove Preview

Charles Baynas The State of Yliguenes houses the Ilongo
Thursday at 21:56 · Like · 1

Thursday at 21:57 · Like

Charles Baynas well, the historical madyaas compromises the aklan, antique, and romblon islands which was reformed into state of madyaas...
Thursday at 22:00 · Like

Charles Baynas [link]
Thursday at 22:02 · Like · Remove Preview

Jerick Aldrin P. Ilagan It's actually nice, Trajano
Thursday at 22:20 · Edited · Like · 1

Charles Baynas Four five-point stars, representing the four republican ideals: Liberty, Justice, Peace, Equality
My comment: well, i agree with that
Thursday at 22:56 · Like

Charles Baynas well, i gotta admit... the design was really light and latin...
Thursday at 23:42 · Like

Charles Baynas and the merlion is really good and perhaps that merlion was a girl.
Thursday at 23:58 · Like
cjbaynas Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012
join here: [link]
ramones1986 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yup. On Philippine Patriotic Federalist Alliance
ArthurIglesias Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Very well done! I like the clean lines and the interesting explanation to go with it. Do you speak Spanish? I saw the names in your maps and I think your flags are terribly fascinating. I agree that your sealion is nice better than that worm-dugong-like thing I keep seeing in old photos of the President's Seal and the Manila arms.
JJDXB Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012
Thanks :)
No, I don't speak Spanish (though I wish I could).
TheOldPanda Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012
Ikaw ba ay isang Pilipino? Maitanong ko lang.

Bakit 9 na sinag ng araw at bakit nasama ang mga Tsino?
Bakit wikang banyaga ang ginamit na wika upang ipangalan sa pangalan ng inang bayan at sa motto?
TrajanoCabrales Featured By Owner May 31, 2013  Student General Artist
The designer of the arms uses Spanish language and not TAGALOG (because that language is not "FILIPINO" and the current national language of La Republica Filipina represents the prestige of Imperial Manila and also symbolizes Tagalog NATIONALISM)

Spanish should have been the national language of Filipinas, not TAGALOG. Entiende?
JJDXB Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2012
Half-Filipino :/

I can't speak it, but I can understand when people speak it.

The Chinese are included since in the late 1800s, they were categorised as a major ethnic group and thus have representation.

The Americans didn't take over at independence, so Spanish remained the official language and wasn't supplanted by English. Remember that Tagalog is only spoken natively by under 50% of the population, so Spanish is the compromise language, like English's role today.
Aib-Alex Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2012
I like the Sea-lion :D
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